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Mrs. Lehmann takes the unboxing world by storm

Fans of Mrs. Lehmann can now follow her on YouTube. Having made the jump from TV advertising to online influencer videos, Mrs. Lehman can now be found presenting her latest purchase from the LT shop on her very own YouTube channel, taking us through the unboxing process to show the camera what she’s bought.

Why would anyone want to watch that? Because nobody unboxes a package like Mrs. Lehman, that’s why! Unless you’re already an expert, that is.

(German original version with english subtitles.)

Unboxing has been around for about 15 years now – in fact, the trend is about as old as several of the biggest names in unboxing on YouTube and other social media platforms. Unboxing has grown into something of a phenomenon of our time and is seen as a form of entertainment by many. And because careful packaging is all part of the service here at LT, we are delighted that Mrs. Lehmann is now showcasing all the hard work done by our packing team.

If you want to try your hand at unboxing, the colorful set of key L-wrenches, as seen in the video, is available in the LT shop – properly packed, of course!

Next week, it’s competition time: we will be asking you to vote for your favourite three LT commercials for the chance to win one of three fantastic prizes.

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