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Mrs Lehmann and the LT Pulley

Things are really looking up for LT in the 1960s. The pulley that the company has developed is a huge hit. The LT Pulley is a success from day one and, of course, needs advertising in a style that reflects the times. That’s why we created the perfect TV spot.

Today, Mrs Lehmann shows that “even a woman” can use LT products effortlessly.

(German original version with English subtitles.)

In the 1960s, modern materials are a major selling point. This decade – particularly the space race between the USA and the Soviet Union, which culminated in the moon landing at the end of the decade – made one thing abundantly clear: technology is the future. And it is the future of LT, too.

You can now get the LT Pulleys, from the LT mini (16 kN) to pulleys with a maximum load of 280 kN, in the LT shop. All of them are very light and allow you to move heavy loads effortlessly.

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