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Mrs Lehmann gets up close and personal with the LT Extenderbolt

The LT Extenderbolt is a real all-rounder. Mrs Lehmann is clearly excited about getting her hands on one, but she couldn’t be more delicate as she introduces the LT Extenderbolt and demonstrates the right way to use it. This time, her muse is a particular lady from a well-known 1990s commercial. Did you happen to catch that one? Well, as far as Mrs Lehmann is concerned, maximum steering sensation is the only thing that matters today.

(German original version with English subtitles.)

The Extenderbolt, one of LT’s own in-house products, has been awarded a certificate from TÜV Austria and has been a bestseller in the LT online shop for many years. With this little bolt, you can bid farewell to steering play once and for all – proving it really is not the size that counts.

We’re getting ever closer to the present day in our series «75 years of cheerful TV commercials with LT». Next week, Mrs Lehmann will attempt to win over critical users from the digital Noughties as she talks about parallel imports – still a hot topic today.

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