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Mrs Lehmann raps for all she’s worth

What do you think of when you picture the 1980s? Outrageous hairdos, oversized shoulder pads, garish colours, rap? Well, we’ve got it all covered! Presenting Mrs Lehman, or rather MC Lehmann, comin’ at ya straight outta your screen. Don’t worry, there’s nothing funny in your coffee, and your computer isn’t on the blink – all the 1980s special effects you’re witnessing are authentic and entirely intentional.

(German original version with English subtitles.)

When it came to advertising in the 1980s, over the top was very much the order of the day. That meant mixing catchy beats with as many special effects and bright colours as possible until you just couldn’t pack any more in.

Of course, the Triopan Folding sign woodcutting is one of this year’s top items in the LT Shop – we’ve just given it a jazzy new commercial.

Next week, Mrs Lehmann will jump forward a decade to introduce an LT bestseller, the Extenderbolt – brought to you as only the 1990s could.

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