LT Training programme

Well-trained professionals are the future

A good training programme is focused on the future in both senses of the word. The company is committed to the future of its trainees. The apprentices have the opportunity to enter the profession with successful prospects.

At the same time, the company training the young employees is working to sustain the economic situation. This creates future perspectives for the company, the industry and the region. To be offering apprenticeships in the Upper Emmental means playing an active part in the economy. That is more than just applying one’s own skill correctly and showing adaptability in the market place.

To work towards common objectives is an important factor for success from which all participants can benefit. That is true both for the collaboration with the training programme and apprentices as well as for the collaboration with companies.

The apprenticeships show the economic strength of the Upper Emmental.


At LT, Michael Steiner and Thomas Beer are responsible for apprenticeship trials. They are happy to give advice and answer further questions concerning training to become a poly-mechanic.

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