LT Quality: You can completely rely on our products

LT is a family business based in Trub. Founded in 1944, the company is today still managed by family proprietors in the third generation with a staff of 40 employees. The principal speciality of LT is the production of high precision mechanical components, which have to fulfill the highest demands.

As an extension of this LT has during the last four decades built up the production and marketing of tools and machines for use in agriculture and forestry.


Development collaboration with the Swiss forest owners association WVS / LT

For over forty years LT has had machines for forestry development in their range and has also been developing these for several decades in collaboration with the Swiss forestry experts themselves. These machines are conceived by professionals in the forest and not in the marketing department.

Successful cooperation Jakob / LT

The company Jakob, the internationally famous maker of steel cables, is a longstanding customer and partner of LT. For the precise equipment, as cables are often part of the safety aspects, LT has been delivering high quality components since the launch of the Inox Line at the end of the 1980’s.

LT Webshop: Easy purchase of replacement parts

For more than four decades customers from agriculture and forestry have trusted LT. In the meantime our range comprises more than 27’000 articles – original parts or better. This is how we guarantee we can deliver spare parts to our customers immediately.

The complete overview and a simplified system for the purchase of spare parts is offered by the new LT WEBSHOP. Here we show you special offers and new products.

Delivery conditions
For your order by LT you pay a maximum of CHF 19.90 per day for dispatch and packing, irrespective of the number of packets and their weight. The exception is for cargo deliveries. Orders that reach us before 5.30 p.m. you will receive the next day at the latest by 9 hours. All dispatch and packing charges in overview. 

In order to simplify the return deliveries to us, you receive a return delivery form with each order. This is how the return delivery form looks.

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