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Doris L. and her strongman, Hans

Orange and brown were everywhere in the 1970s, as you can now see in the next spot from our series 75 years of cheerful TV commercials with LT.

Mrs Lehmann, this time only referred to as “Doris L.”, appears in a classic 1970s look with wavy hair and a classic orange-and-brown outfit. Yes – she isn’t a hippy girl, she’s a dedicated housewife. She looks up to and takes care of her husband, Hans, as nobody is as strong and vigorous as he is.

Where strong men work, things sometimes get broken. But Doris L. has a calming influence on her husband and knows just what to do. The LT shop has an indestructible steel gear lever shaft for her husband, Hans.

If you also have a strongman at home – or if you are one yourself –, don’t worry. The LT gear lever shaft is still available from the online shop in 2019.
Next week, Mrs Lehmann will be wearing extra-wide shoulder pads, rapping in true 1980s style and sporting an on-trend, truly over-the-top hairdo.

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